Are you picking this up? Good! Reinforcements have arrived from patrickwieth, leader of YouMustConstructAdditional.., as YouMustConstructAdditional v0.95.21 has been recently published by their team. For your information, YouMustConstructAdditional.. is a real-time strategy game that uses the OpenRA engine. It forks Combined Arms, and it strives to create massive battles with GDI, Nod, Scrin, Allies, Soviet, and China. Here are the updates from YouMustConstructAdditional v0.95.21:

New Features

  • Saboteur has a new model and icon.
  • The selection and production tooltip of units now show a DPS (Damage per Second) value. This has to be improved, though, as it is only accurate for units with only one weapon.
  • The classic Minigunner (Tiberium Dawn) from GDI and Nod has a new model and icon and is separated for Nod (Adept) and GDI (Mercenary).
  • The Rocket Infantry has a new model for GDI and Nod, Rocket Mercenary and Rocket Trooper.
  • With the Pyramid of Nod built, the Adept is replaced by the Stormtrooper, and the Rocket Trooper is replaced by the Rocket Cyborg.


  • Tank Destroyer (Germany) now deals more damage.
  • Chrono Tank can now shoot air units.
  • Ivan bufffed (more HP).
  • Obelisk Trooper buffed (more HP).

Bug Fixes

  • Ion Mammoth still had the missiles from the normal Mammoth, these are now replaced.
  • Voxel units now rotate with 32 facings (it was 64) to align with all other sprites, and the camera angle has been reduced in order to align with sprites.
  • Ivan was broken and could not place any Dynamite. This is now fixed.

If you are curious about YouMustConstructAdditional.., visit the Official Website, and Discord Channel to obtain further information about it. YouMustConstructAdditional.. is downloadable at This Address. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on YouMustConstructAdditional..!

Aloha! Reinforcements have arrived from Zero-K as Zero-K v1.12.4.0 has been recently released by their crew. For those unfamiliar with it, Zero-K is a free and open-source real-time strategy game that uses the Spring game engine. There is only one faction with 100+ varied units with unique abilities. It has physically simulated units and projectiles, and it allows terrain manipulation in battle. It has a single-player campaign, a challenging, non-cheating AI, multiplayer 1v1 - 16v16, FFA, and coop, and a multiplayer online campaign. Here is the official announcement from Zero-K's staff about Zero-K v1.12.4.0:


The most experimental change of this patch gives Engineer Commanders the ability to build units out in the field. The goal is to make it more than the base building chassis. A much more normal change accentuates the speed of Strike Commanders by reducing the speed of the competing Recon Commander. Planes have been tweaked slightly, with the most notable change being Sparrow stealing Owl's radar jammer. Disco Rave Party has some ludicrous buffs since the newish spin-up requirement had a greater-than-expected impact on its power relative to Zenith.

For all its weird experiments, this patch is more about tech than balance. The engine has been updated with a new decal rendering system that performs better and will let us do more with explosion scars. Unit selections are drawn much faster, and many of their edge cases have been solved. A new ambient occlusion shader gives everything a bit more sense of depth. This is on top of a bunch of fixes and polish that built up over the last few months.

No Cold Take this week because there was a lot to do for the patch.


Engineer Commander can now pick a unit to build out in the field.
  • Use the Copy Factory Blueprint command on a friendly functional factory to select a unit.
  • The unit can be switched during the game.
  • A unit is automatically selected from the plopped factory.
  • Set your plop selection under Settings/Unit Behaviour/Default States/Misc/Blueprint.

Recon Commander is slower to let Strike have an identity as the speediest commander.
  • Speed 43.5 -> 40.5 elmos/s
  • Jump reload time 22/22/20/18/18/16 -> 22/22/20/20/18/16 s
  • Jump speed 180 -> 135/135/142.5/150/157.5/165 elmos/s

Lightning Gun is better, particularly against swarms.
  • Reload time 1.83 -> 1.73s

Owl no longer jams, by popular demand.
  • Removed 700 range radar jammer.

Sparrow is now the radar jamming plane.
  • Now has a 540 range radar jammer.
  • Increased maneuverability slightly to make coverage more consistent.

Hacksaw deals more damage to catch up to Phoenix.
  • Damage per volley 1000 -> 1400

Thunderbird has more health to escape Hacksaw.
  • Health 1200 -> 1600

Disco Rave Party spins faster, also by popular demand.
  • Increased spin cap by 50%, increasing its peak rate of fire from 1 to 1.5 shots/s.
  • The spin bar has been rescaled, so 66% is the old maximum.
  • Spin up to 66% is unchanged. It still takes the 90s to reach its old spin.
  • Spin from 66% to 100% takes 40s.
  • Aiming is quite slow, above 66%, so a fixed target is required to exceed the old spin cap.

Disco Rave Party is also deals more direct damage and is more accurate.
  • Accuracy improved by 20%
  • Red Killer damage 3000 -> 3500 (matches Eos)
  • Orange Roaster damage 300 -> 250
  • Orange Roaster duration 15s -> 8s
  • Orange Roaster AoE radius 320 -> 400 (larger than static shields)
  • Yellow Slammer damage 800 -> 1000
  • Green Stamper damage 400 -> 600
  • Green Stamper smooth radius 240 -> 300
  • Green Stamper smooths more per hit
  • Violet Slugger damage 450 -> 500
  • Violet Slugger slow damage 4500 -> 5000

Aircraft can no longer fly so far outside the map.
  • The external map border starts 400 elmos away, down from 800 elmos.
  • The border is softer, so brushing it is less drastic.

  • Added new explosion crater scars to use the engine's new decal system. The new scars have better performance, stick to the ground properly, and have new features such as glow and variation by weapon type.
  • Added a screen space ambient occlusion widget. Basically, it adds subtle shading to put shadows in every nook and cranny. The widget is enabled for hardware that supports deferred rendering, which is most hardware.
  • Improved the walk animations of the Engineer and Recon Commanders.
  • Disco Rave Party has firing dust and complains every time it tries to turn.
  • Improved the look of Ogre missile explosions.
  • Fixed jittery Detriment launch smoke.
  • Improved Detriment and Jugglenaut stomp effects.
  • Made a few effects that were simulation-limited run at >30Hz if able.
  • Reaver aims more smoothly.

  • Updated selection circle rendering (thanks moreginger, and Beherith, for the original shader). Selections look similar but render much faster and resolve a few graphical edge cases suffered by the previous widget. Selection visuals can be configured under Settings/Interface/Selection/Default Selections.
  • Jumpleg units retain jump commands while in midair so they can jump as soon as they find the ground.
  • Hermit auto skirmishes from slightly further away, making it better at dealing with Redback (thanks, Mach565).
  • Improved replay controls (thanks, moreginger).
  • Improved Athena and Newton selection volumes.
  • Control groups now obey selection rank.
  • Added an option for control groups to ignore some ranks.
  • Autogroups can now be used for buildings.
  • Autogroups no longer override manual groups set during production.
  • Added incomplete French and Ukrainian translations.

  • Added lava to Stronghold because it looks like it wants it.
  • Added boxes for Ravaged Remake v1.2


Some awards show up in almost every game in nonsensical ways. To address this, the minimum threshold for a few awards has been raised.
  • Spoils of War requires 3.3x more reclaim.
  • Slow King requires 2x more slow damage.
  • Peacemaker requires 4x more disarm damage.

  • Add customParams.turn_accel_factor to control the angular inertia of units.
  • Add Spring.Utilities.ConcatArrays to concatenate arrays.

  • Fixed split switching spectators to players in the split room.
  • Fixed load order of replays so the most recent replays show up first.
  • Fixed Bellicose Islands boxes (edge gap east).
  • Fixed a rare issue with the external map grid (thanks to AntlerForce).
  • Fixed Newton launcher auto-jump, sometimes causing jumps on the launch pad.
  • Fixed Envoy overkill prevention.
  • Fixed command insert not working with line formations.
  • Fixed jumping units sometimes using their walk animation mid-air.
  • Fixed shields sometimes do not activate when rapidly thrown out of the water.
  • Units no longer move to clear the "entrance" of plane factories when a plane is built.
  • Units that start retreating are no longer automatically deselected for spectators.
  • Fixed the select damaged/healthy hotkey presets.
  • Fixed Fire Once leaving Set Target applied.
  • Fixed Restore is not working correctly on random maps and maps with changed water level.
  • Fixed Sparrow's wingtip ribbons.
  • Fixed teleportation sometimes leaves tracks.
  • Fixed slow and Stardust heat rounding.
  • Fixed missing ghosts for some campaign-only structures.
  • Fixed orbital drops of ships trying to land ships on the sea floor.

You can learn more about Zero-K by visiting the Official Website, and Forums. Download Zero-K Here. And that's all regarding Zero-K for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Zero-K!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Inqubi, the leader of Combined Arms, has published Combined Arms 1.02 moments ago. For those who are not acquainted with it, Combined Arms is a mod for OpenRA that emulates the old Command & Conquer games gameplay and brings five factions to the battlefield: Allies, Soviets, GDI, Nod, and Scrin. It features new units and support powers for these factions. It also features new graphics and sound effects. Here are the updates from Combined Arms 1.02:



  • Smart casting for unit abilities (by default, only the closest unit to the target will fire & ctrl can be used to force all selected units to fire).
  • New tech structure: Oil Refinery. Grants the owner a 10% production discount. Added to several team game maps.
  • Added button in skirmish/multiplayer lobby to reset options to defaults.
  • Added Fast Regrowth lobby option.
  • Overhauled Mini Drone attachment (making them easier to attach and less glitchy).
  • Improved support power targeting visuals.
  • Vehicles/aircraft can be sold at Service Depots.
  • Multi-Queue Scaled - Removed Optimized Production upgrades. Associated discounts are permanently provided by the relevant T2/T3 structures being built.
  • Lowered selection priority for transport aircraft.
  • 20 new 1v1 maps.
  • 52 new team game maps (17x 2v2, 15x 3v3, 10x 4v4, 8x 5v5, 2x 6v6)
  • Added Testing Grounds map.

Artwork & SFX

  • New voice lines for many units: Chrono Prison, Battle Fortress, Mirage Tank, Cryo Launcher, Siege Tank, Sukhoi, Halo, Thief, Eradicator, Disruptor, Mammoth Tank, Titan, Juggernaut, Battle Drone, Mammoth Drone, X-O Powersuit, Comanche, Microwave Tank, Spectre, Venom, Acolyte, Templar and Heavy Flame Tank.
  • New voice announcements for upgrades: Seismic Missiles, Railgun Titan, Ion Mammoth, Hover Mammoth, Battle Drone, Intensified Microwaves.
  • Improved custom RA EVA voice line effects.
  • Added/updated transport loading and aircraft takeoff/landing sound effects.
  • Added IFV transform sound.
  • Added additional visuals when units are upgrading.
  • Added brass casings ejected from vehicles/aircraft with machine guns.
  • New sound effects for the Vulcan weapon.
  • Impact sound effects for Shard Launcher, Gun Walker, Shard Walker, Ravager, and Lacerator.
  • Scaled down Stormrider/Venom/Enervator.
  • The range circle for the radar jamming field is now player colored.

Balance & Faction Gameplay Changes

  • Loaded transports are no longer immune to mind control. Loaded transports and harvesters take 4 seconds to mind control (Commando-type passengers provide immunity).
  • Radar cost increased to $1800.
  • Reduced Rifle/Minigunner/Warrior damage vs defenses by 10%.
  • Increased tier 1 tank & Tank Destroyer damage vs defenses by 20%.
  • Added health regen to commando units as standard. The rate doubles when elite.
  • Increased Engineer/Assimilator mine detection range.
  • Reduced basic defense power requirement from 25 to 15.
  • Reduced amount refunded when selling basic defenses.
  • Reduced mine defusal time for Engineers/Minelayers from 3s to 2s.
  • Commando/Tanya/Boris can now shoot revealed mines.
  • Lowered healing cap for commando units. It takes longer to wear off.
  • Added healing cap to any infantry with 15k HP or more.
  • Increased Commando/Tanya C4 cooldown a little.
  • Reduced the distance from Service Depots where units can be upgraded at.
  • Guarantee at least two rifles/warriors when selling buildings (if the value of the building is sufficient) to reduce RNG. Reduced Civilian value to 50.
  • Allow infantry to detect cloaked units diagonally.
  • Reduced time is taken for tib exposure to wear off.
  • Static AA defenses no longer auto-targeted in defensive stance.
  • Powered-down defenses have reduced vision.
  • Added minimum distance to airstrike powers to prevent instant damage near map edge.


  • New unit: Peacemaker - Heavy bomber available at T3 (Tech Center).
  • New upgrade for Ranger: Advanced Optics - Gives Rangers an ability that extends their vision and detection range for a short time.
  • Added new IFV turrets for the infantry of other factions: Yuri/Mastermind, Black Hand, Enlightened, Cyborg Elite, Mortars (Cryo/Sonic/Chem), Intruder, Ravager.
  • Reduced SEAL movement speed. Reduced HP from 18k to 16k. No longer immune to mind control/chaos gas. Added a 4-second delay to C4 planting. Reduced C4 cooldown by 2 seconds. Will no longer place C4 automatically in the Attack Anything stance.
  • Chrono Tank will prioritize ground targets over air targets.
  • Increased Scout Tank vision from 6 to 7.
  • Increased Chrono Prison damage vs heavy armor.
  • Increased Sniper IFV damage vs vehicles. Concussion requires a Raufoss upgrade.
  • Added Guardian GI IFV turret.
  • Increased Battle Fortress damage with Rifle/Rocket passengers. Increased HP from 120k to 130k.
  • Medic in Battle Fortress gives healing aura.
  • USA drops require Barracks/Factory plus either radar or aircraft production (previously required radar).
  • Reverted Nighthawk to normal selection priority. Default stance to Defend.
  • Increased jamming field radius by 1
  • Reduced Turret power requirement to 25.
  • Reduced entrenched Engineer deployment time. Increased radius from 3 to 5.
  • Longbow benefits from Cryo Rockets upgrade.
  • Reduced Chrono Harvester upgrade cost to 1250.
  • Reduced Advanced Ore Processing cost to 750.
  • Reduced Nighthawk HP from 44k to 38k.
  • Increased Veil of War cooldown from 4 min to 5 min. Reduce max radius by 1. Increase the minimum radius by 1.
  • Reworked chill effect to have max ten stacks (up from 6).
  • Damage penalty removed from IFV cryo rockets.
  • Changed MGG/MRJ to light armor (increased HP from 22k to 25k).
  • Allow spies to disguise themselves as Scrin. Added SEAL/Commissar icons when disguised.
  • Sniper will one-shot upgraded Templar, Cyborgs, and Brutes. Reduced reload time.
  • Increased Pillbox damage vs infantry, light armor, and heavy armor. Now, it tracks the target.
  • Increased Raider APC damage vs light armor. Reduced vs defenses.
  • AA Gun requires a War Factory instead of a Radar Dome.
  • Reduce Harrier delay between salvos to match similar planes (MiG etc.).
  • Allow fake Radar Dome to be powered down.
  • Reduced Prism Tank damage vs heavy armor slightly.
  • Reduced cost of Prism Cannon upgrade to 750.
  • Increased Prism Tower cost from 1300 to 1350. Increased power consumption from 75 to 80. Reduced damage vs infantry.
  • Increased Tank Destroyer range by 1. Reduced HP from 46k to 44k.


  • New unit: Floating Disc - Replaces Kirov for Psi-Corps.
  • New unit: Commissar - T3 infantry that buffs nearby infantry (increases movement and rate of fire).
  • New Upgrade for Psi-Corps: Gattling BTR.
  • Increased damage radius of V3 missiles.
  • Reduced damage and area of effect of V3 missiles when shot down.
  • Yuri will no longer kill slaves when using the mind blast ability. Slaves are killed when released, either manually or by exceeding capacity.
  • Iron Curtain now limits the speed of affected units.
  • Increased turret turn speed of Mammoth Tank & Eradicator.
  • Reduced radiation strength of Apocalypse Tank shells. Reduced damage against infantry with Flak Armor/Hardened Carapace upgrade. Reduced projectile speed. Increased damage vs buildings.
  • Mammoth Tank and Apocalypse Tank will prioritize ground targets over air targets.
  • Increased Siege Tank damage vs buildings and defenses. Increased concussion duration by 1 second.
  • Replaced Psi-Corps Parabombs with Chaos Bombs.
  • Increased MAD Tank HP from 100k to 120k.
  • Increased Tesla Track damage. Reduced speed from 72 to 68. Increased cost from 1250 to 1350. Reduced HP from 22k to 20k. It no longer requires Tesla Coil.
  • Increased Tesla Tank damage. Tesla Coil requirement can now be substituted with Tech Center.
  • Reduced Iron Curtain damage vs infantry.
  • Reduced Brute DPS vs infantry significantly. Reduced attack speed (DPS same except vs infantry). Reduce speed slightly.
  • Desolator will one-shot upgraded Templar, Cyborgs, and Brutes. Increased damage vs light armor. Chem Tower requirement can now be substituted with Tech Center. Reduced deploy time. Slightly increased splash damage vs infantry.
  • Increased Flame Tower/Chem Tower RoF slightly.
  • Increased Shock Trooper HP from 7k to 7.5k.
  • Thief can't be crushed when moving. Reduced selection priority.
  • Reduced Heavy Hazmat Suits cost from $1k to $850.
  • Flamethrower's Flame Tower requirement can now be substituted with Radar Dome. Increased damage vs infantry.
  • Increase Yuri's mind blast damage vs. buildings.
  • Increase Dog vision and cloak detection radius slightly.
  • Increased Atomic Reactor HP from 100k to 110k.
  • Increased Sukhoi projectile speed.
  • Kirov will be disabled rather than killed by EMP.
  • Dogs are now immune to mind control.
  • Reduced Tesla Coil power consumption from 100 to 75.
  • Increased V2 splash radius slightly. Reduced cost of V2 upgrades from 1000 to 500.
  • Increased Katyusha cost from 700 to 750. Reduced splash radius slightly.


  • New unit: Tomahawk Launcher - Available via research when Bombardment strategy is chosen.
  • Bombardier upgrade is now available regardless of strategy.
  • Titan railgun will always pass through the target to max range when fired at targets further than two cells away. Slightly reduced the passthrough damage.
  • Increased turret turn speed of all Mammoth Tank variants.
  • Increased Disruptor splash damage (mainly improves effectiveness against infantry).
  • Reduced strategy upgrade cost from $1250 to $1000.
  • (H)MLRS, Mammoth Tank, and Titan will prioritize ground targets over air targets.
  • Slight increase in Surgical Strike splash damage close to the target. Damage is no longer reduced by prone.
  • Reduced Sonic Tower concussion duration vs infantry from 6 seconds to 1 second.
  • Reduced Carryall vision from 10 to 9.
  • Increased Nanite Repair heal per tick from 3% to 5%, reduced duration from 30s to 25s.
  • Increased X-O laser damage (but reduced vs light armor). Reduced range by 1. Increased turn rate by 33%. Now able to shoot while moving.
  • Increased Juggernaut cost from $1500 to $2000. Increased range, HP, and damage.
  • Reduced Hover Mammoth speed slightly (72 to 6Cool.
  • At elite rank, third damage level used by Vulcan vs ground targets.
  • Increase TOW missile rate of fire and add TankBuster modifier.
  • Increased Jumpjet/Bombardier speed from 99 to 108. Increased facing tolerance. Removed infantry target priority.
  • Increase Bombardier damage vs. buildings, reduced vs. defenses.
  • Reduced cost of Afterburner upgrade to 750.
  • Increased (H)MLRS HP from 18/20k to 20/22k. Reduced damage vs heavy armor slightly.
  • Increased Battle Drone cost to 800.
  • Increased Guard Tower damage vs infantry, light armor, and heavy armor. Now, it tracks the target.
  • Increased Supply Drop Zone income to $1k per 60 seconds. Reduce price to $1k.
  • AA Gun requires a Weapons Factory instead of a Comms Center.
  • Changed EMP Missile Launcher armor type to be the same as other minor superweapons.
  • EMP Missile has three concentric areas of effect, which disable for 24/12/6 seconds (rather than two that disable for 24/12). Added target radius indicator.
  • Increased Advanced Guard Tower cost from 1k to 1.1k. Increased power consumption from 50 to 70. Reduced damage vs infantry.
  • Increased Sonic Tower cost from 1350 to 1450. Increased power consumption from 80 to 85. Reduced damage vs infantry.
  • Changed Mobile Sensor to light armor.
  • Increased Aurora cost from 2200 to 2300. Reduced splash radius vs infantry. Damage reduction is reduced from 20% to 10% when afterburner is active. The target must be an enemy unit/building to activate the afterburner.


  • New upgrade for Buggy: Decoy Projectors - Gives Buggies an ability that creates two decoy Flame Tanks (or Heavy Flame Tanks for Black Hand).
  • Marked air drop replaced with Subterranean Strike. Delivers 4 Acolytes/Templar via Subterranean APC.
  • Chem Warrior gains targeted ability to rush towards their target to close distance.
  • Reduced infiltrator cloak recharge delay.
  • Infiltrator and stolen tech rework. Unique units for infiltrating each faction's barracks/factory/air structures, tech locked when infiltrating radars/tech centers/T4 structures.
  • . Cryo Mortar unlocked by infiltrating Allied Barracks.
  • . Reckoner unlocked by infiltrating Allied War Factory.
  • . Black Eagle unlocked by infiltrating Allied Helipad.
  • . Cyberdog unlocked by infiltrating Soviet Barracks.
  • . Rhino Tank unlocked by infiltrating Soviet War Factory.
  • . Kamov unlocked by infiltrating Soviet Airfield.
  • . Sonic Mortar unlocked by infiltrating GDI Barracks.
  • . Pitbull unlocked by infiltrating GDI Weapons Factory.
  • . Shade unlocked by infiltrating GDI Airfield.
  • . Chem Mortar unlocked by infiltrating a Hand of Nod
  • . Mantis unlocked by infiltrating Nod Airstrip (or Legion Weapons Factory)
  • . Vertigo unlocked by infiltrating Nod Helipad
  • . Cyberscrin unlocked by infiltrating Scrin Portal.
  • . Viper unlocked by infiltrating Scrin Warp Sphere.
  • . Manticore unlocked by infiltrating Scrin Gravity Stabilizer.
  • Increased Heavy Flame Tank cost from 1000 to 1100. Reduced speed from 68 to 60.
  • Black Napalm reload time penalty increased slightly (for both Heavy Flame Tank and SSM).
  • Reduced damage increase for Bikes with TibCore from +10% to +7.5%.
  • Reduced Flame Tank splash damage.
  • Reduced SSM splash radius.
  • Slightly increased Microwave Tank RoF. Reduced splash damage (removed vs infantry). Reduced speed from 82 to 68.
  • Upgraded Microwave Tank kills crews of vehicles below 75% HP (calculated after the damage from the MW zap itself).
  • Slightly increased cyborg conversion time.
  • Reduced Stealth Tank resistance to aircraft slightly. Reduced damage vs buildings.
  • Reduced Venom damage vs buildings (with upgrade, no change).
  • Reduced Turret power requirement to 25.
  • Legion bonus changed to a 10% discount on stolen tech units.
  • Increased Laser Turret rate of fire slightly. Increased damage per shot vs infantry. Reduced DPS vs light armor slightly.
  • Increased Banshee damage vs vehicles. Slightly increased splash damage.
  • Reduced Comanche damage vs buildings.
  • Reduced Acolyte/Templar damage vs heavy armor slightly. The obelisk requirement can now be substituted with a Temple of Nod.
  • Reduced time taken for Hackers to hack drones.


  • New support power: Fleet Recall - Available on Signal Transmitter, it teleports Devastators/Carriers/Mothership back to the Signal Transmitter.
  • New upgrade: Hypercharge - Gives Seekers/Lacerators the ability to fire an uninterrupted barrage for a short time, after which their weapons are disabled, and their speed is reduced until the ability recharges.
  • Mastermind will no longer kill slaves when using the mind spark ability. Slaves are killed when released, either manually or by exceeding capacity.
  • Increased PAC damage.
  • Increased Greater Coalescence damage/healing radius.
  • Increased Atomizer splash radius.
  • Stormcrawler with Ion Conduits generates ion clouds more frequently (every 4 seconds down from 6). Now able to shoot while moving.
  • Increased Devourer damage. Also increased vs none/light when charged.
  • Increased Darkener damage vs light armor and buildings. Can now crush infantry.
  • Reduced PAC cost from $3000 to $2800.
  • Added range circle when targeting Greater Coalescence & Storm Spike.
  • Stormrider is now able to shoot in any direction. Reduced range vs ground very slightly (0.25).
  • Mothership will charge nearby Stormriders/Enervators.
  • Increase Atomizer range from 8 to 9. Increased cost to 1350. Prevent conditions applying to multiple targets from a single hit. Atomized debuff slows the target by 25%, up from 15%.
  • Increased Devastator damage by 20% and splash radius slightly. Increased projectile speed.
  • Increased Enervator damage from 10k to 13k and range by 1. Reduced rate of fire.
  • Increased Leecher self-healing slightly.
  • Increased Plasma Turret HP from 45k to 46k. Increased RoF slightly. Removed inaccuracy. Moved part of damage vs infantry to % damage warhead to better deal with high HP infantry.
  • Increased Interloper damage vs light armor.
  • Replaced Reaper-17 Fleet Shields discount with Ichor Seed 20% cooldown reduction.
  • Increased Seeker/Lacerator cloak detection radius by 1.
  • Increased Ravager HP to 8k. Increased damage vs light armor. Reduced damage vs defenses.
  • Suppression Field highlights the units to be affected.
  • Reduced Storm Column power consumption from 100 to 85.
  • Reduced Ion Surge speed boost from +60% to +50%. Reduced radius by 1. Reduced duration from 15s to 12s. Show range circle when active.


  • Corrected Cyborg Mechanic salvage time to match Mechanic.
  • Corrected range of Disruptor with Seek & Destroy.
  • Campaign tooltip visibility corrections.
  • Fixed empty warp damage bar appearing when units have very low health.
  • Added directional targeting to infiltration airstrike and corrected building damage.
  • Fixed Chrono Tank not firing at aircraft.
  • Fixed upgrades tab not being shown when selecting Ore Purifier.
  • Fixed Chem Warrior projectile being invisible when in Battle Fortress.
  • Fixed map crashes (Calming Lakes, Utter Darkness, Jungle Boogie).
  • Restored "I've got a present for ya" and "kiss it bye-bye" voice lines for Commando/Tanya when ordered to plant C4.
  • Veil of War debuff no longer stacks with direct Gap Generator debuff.
  • Iron Curtain on production building no longer pauses production from it.
  • Fixed rare crashing bug caused by missiles effectively diving underground.
  • Tracking beam weapons will be canceled on death.
  • Fixed Mirage Tank disguise palettes.
  • Fixed the condition where warheads do not apply to large actors with multiple targetable locations.
  • Corrected Sniper/Raufoss prerequisites in mission 5.
  • Fixed rare crash caused by force landing aircraft.
  • Fixed Vulcan reinforcements not being in the same select group as normal Vulcans.
  • Fixed some aircraft sprite facings.
  • TNT will be removed if a unit is picked up by a Carryall or enters a transport.
  • Range circle is now shown for enemy Veil of War.
  • Fixed Yuri/Mastermind auto-targeting when in attack anything stance.
  • Fixed cluster mines causing damage when defused.
  • Extend IC structure selectable bounds to prevent misclick when attacking it.
  • Fixed Yuri/Mastermind not having detection.
  • Added "detects spies" to tooltips.
  • Custom cursor for Mastermind building capture.
  • Minor AI improvements.
  • Minor mission tweaks.

You can learn more about Combined Arms by visiting the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. You can grab the latest version of Combined Arms by clicking Here. And that's all regarding Combined Arms for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Combined Arms!

Hi everyone! Open RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 v0.4.10 is the most recent release of Open RCT2's crew. For those unaware, Open RCT2 is an open-source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, a construction and management simulation video game that simulates amusement park management. To play it, you must have the original files of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. Here is the official announcement from Open RCT2's staff about Open RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 v0.4.10:


  • Feature: [#18171] Add port of the RCT1 Stand-Up Roller Coaster.
  • Feature: [#21590] [Plugin] Plugins can now read and write banner properties of tile elements.
  • Feature: [#21636] Add shortcut key for sorting tile elements.
  • Feature: [objects#294] Add scenery versions of wooden truss supports.
  • Feature: [objects#295] Flipped version of wooden post.
  • Improved: [#21424] Extra viewports can now rotate independently from the main viewport.
  • Improved: [#21561, #21631] Enable more features in Android build (plugins, networking, multiplayer, audio formats).
  • Improved: [#21599] Currency signs now use non-breaking spaces.
  • Improved: [objects#157] Added sloped images for many walls.
  • Improved: [objects#288] Better map colours and more sensible prices for RCT1 land surfaces.
  • Improved: [objects#292] Vehicle colour cleanups for WW/TT vehicles.
  • Improved: [objects#299] More accurate ratings modifiers for RCT1 vehicles.
  • Improved: [objects#309] Updated names for dodgems and flying saucers vehicles.
  • Improved: [objects#313] buildMenuPriority for dodgems and flying saucers vehicles.
  • Change: [#21529] Classify “Southern Sands”, “Tiny Towers”, “Nevermore Park”, “Pacifica” as expert scenarios.
  • Change: [#21545] Reorder Wacky Worlds scenarios and adjust their difficulty classification.
  • Fix: [#910] Extra viewport does not preserve the location when rotating.
  • Fix: [#18413] Crash when mouse over a hacked train.
  • Fix: [#20338] Cannot select Scenery Picker or Scatter Tool when the scenery recolouring tool is active.
  • Fix: [#21317] Track designer allows proceeding without an object selected.
  • Fix: [#21360] If the object selection is missing certain types, the Object Selection window will switch to an incorrect tab.
  • Fix: [#21419] Cannot place walls underground beneath sloped tiles with clearance checks disabled.
  • Fix: [#21434] Number of guests overflows in objective text.
  • Fix: [#21522] Supports for 3×3 turns and 45 degree turns on the Hybrid Coaster and Wooden Roller Coaster not drawn correctly.
  • Fix: [#21543] Crash with creating a TrackIterator with invalid arguments.
  • Fix: [#21635] Tile inspector hotkey can set wall slope for non-slopeable objects.
  • Fix: [#21641] Crash when creating track iterator from an invalid tile element.
  • Fix: [#21652] Dialog window to confirm overwriting files does not apply the theme colours correctly.
  • Fix: [#21654] No sound effects when using RCT Classic as an asset base.
  • Fix: [#21654] Extraneous reports of an object conflict between and
  • Fix: [#21664] Crash when switching between languages that use TTF.
  • Fix: [#21668] Crash when on null ride in Guest::UpdateRideLeaveExit.
  • Fix: [#21691] Crash when validating rides which can't contain banked track.
  • Fix: [objects#290] “Haunted Mansion” cars have a non-functional third remap colour.
  • Fix: [objects#296] Incorrect wall placement around large Kremlin/drab pieces.
  • Fix: [objects#300] Incorrect Colosseum and volcano corner clearances.
  • Fix: [objects#319] Incorrect diagonal slope images used for RCT1 corkscrew.
  • Fix: [objects#320] Incorrect Mandarin Duck boats capacity.

You can find more information about Open RCT2 by visiting the Official Website. You can download Open RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 v0.4.10 Here. And that's all regarding Open RCT2 for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Open RCT2!

Greetings, commander! We bring news from Openage. For those who are not acquainted with it, Openage is a free cross-platform Real Time Strategy game engine that provides the mechanics of Age of Empires, replicating its look and feel, making it more moddable, and allowing multiplayer games with more than eight players. Here are the official words about it:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another round of openage updates. If you enjoyed the pathfinding explanations from our last devlog, you can probably start getting excited because this month's
post will be all about even more fun pathfinding features. However, we hope that those of you who are not avid pathfinding aficionados can have some fun, too. So, let's get to it.

Line of Sight Optimization
In last month's update, we showed off the flow fields that are created by our new pathfinder implementation. Essentially, the idea behind flow fields is that instead of computing a single path from start A to target B, we generate a vector field for the whole grid where every cell gets assigned a vector that points towards the next cheapest cell for reaching B. As a result, units anywhere on the grid can follow (or flow) along these vectors to eventually arrive at the target (see below).

target cell == (7,7); origin is left corner

  • yellow == less expensive
  • purple == more expensive
  • black == impassible

In this example, you can see that the flow field vectors only support eight directions. A side effect of this is that paths become diamond-shaped, i.e., they have turns of at least 45 degrees. While this may not be as noticeable when you are just looking at the static flow field, it can be very annoying when observing units in motion. When controlling units, most players would expect them to go in a straight line if there are no obstacles between the start and target (and not take a detour into a castle's line of fire).
For this reason, we have to do some low-level optimization that smoothes out short-distance paths in these situations.

One of these optimizations is a so-called line-of-sight pass. In this preliminary step, we flag every cell that can be reached from the target in a straight line with a "line-of-sight" flag. Units in these cells can then be pathed directly towards the target in a straight line without having to use the vector field. You can see the results of doing such a line-of-sight pass in the image below.

target cell == (1,4); origin is left corner

  • white == line-of-sight flag
  • light grey == blocked flag
  • dark grey == passable, but no line-of-sight
  • black == impassible

Impassable cells or cells with more than minimum cost are considered line-of-sight blockers and are assigned a separate "blocked" flag. The same goes for cells that are only partially in line-of-sight, e.g., cells that are on the line between the blocker cells' outer corners and the edge of the grid. The cells marked as "blocked" form the boundaries of line-of-sight vision cones that span across the grid.

For cells with a "line-of-sight" flag, we can skip calculating flow field vectors as they are no longer necessary for finding a path.

Travelling with Portals
One advantage of flow fields is that the generated field may be reused for multiple path requests to the same target, e.g., group movement of units. While reusing the fields can save computation time in this context, the complexity of flow field calculations makes the initial cost of building the flow field much higher than for other pathfinding methods. On larger grids, this can make individual path requests incredibly slow.

To solve this problem, we can utilize a simple trick: We split the pathfinding grid into smaller sectors, e.g., with size 16x16, and search for a high-level path through these sectors first. Afterward, we only calculate flow fields for the sectors that are visited and ignore the rest of the grid.

To accomplish this, sectors are connected via so-called portals. Portals are created on the pathable edges between two sectors. Additionally, portals in the same sector are connected to each other if they are mutually reachable. The result is a mesh of portal nodes that can be searched with a high-level pathfinder. For the high-level pathfinder, we can use a node-based approach instead of flow fields, e.g., the A* algorithm, to search the mesh. Finding the high-level path should usually be pretty fast, as it only depends on the number of portals on the grid.

  • white == passable
  • grey == portal tiles
  • black == impassible

What's next?
The only major step left in the pathfinder integration is to include it in the actual game simulation, i.e., building it into map/terrain generation. This should be easier than the implementation of the pathfinder itself, but it will take some effort to get it right. If pathfinding becomes too tedious, we might switch things up and work on something else for a short while. In any case, you will find out what we decided to do in next month's update!

Any more questions? Let us know and discuss those ideas by visiting our subreddit /r/openage!

As always, if you want to reach us directly in the dev chatroom:

  • Matrix:

If you are curious about Openage, visit the Official Website, Forums, and YouTube Video Channel to obtain further information about it. And that's all regarding Openage for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Openage!

Are you picking this up? Good! Metal Factions has been recently improved with the release of Metal Factions v2.37. For those unfamiliar with it, Metal Factions is an open-source game made with the Spring RTS game engine. It's an evolving real-time strategy game with four factions: Aven, Gear, Claw, and Sphere. It features 3D terrain and units, intuitive physics with real-time simulated gravity, collision handling, and projectile trajectories. It has over 400 units, including humanoid robots, tanks, ships, aircraft, buildings, defenses, etc. Here are the changes and the fun stuff from Metal Factions v2.37:

Meta Factions 2.37 Changelog:
  • New units

    • GEAR "Hydron": Armored Assault Hydrobot
    • CLAW "Totem" now has two morph stages, which add turrets with 750 range M laser and 540 range L autocannon

  • Balance / Mechanics
    • Fixed issue that caused optional build options to not get set properly for starting commanders
    • CLAW "Sickle" is now about 10% faster, and the weapon reverted to deal H damage with a higher burst and reduced range
    • Reduced SPHERE "Stout" collision volume
    • Fixed GEAR "Caliber" collision volume and armor modifier change when it's closed
    • Fixed issue with construction towers getting orders auto-canceled when trying to build or reclaim slightly past their radius
    • Reduced long-range rocket platform costs from 4200m to 3800m
    • Advanced metal extractors can now morph into Exploiter metal extractors

  • UI / Visual
    • Explosions now leave specific scars that match the weapon damage typing
    • Slightly modified jump thruster sounds

You can check more information about Metal Factions by visiting the Official Website, Forums, and Discord Channel. Grab the latest version of Metal Factions by clicking Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Metal Factions!

Howdy! The team from Open Hard Vacuum has recently posted OpenHV Pre-Release 20240401. And yeah, I know April 1st is a suspicious date, but this pre-release looks legitimate. For those unaware of what is being written here, Open Hard Vacuum is a game that uses OpenRA Engine and it is inspired by an old game called Hard Vacuum, which ended up not being released at all, except for its art graphics. Here is what we know about OpenHV Pre-Release 20240401:


Mappers can now add shadows below bridges.

The new mirror markers allow mappers to create precise, balanced maps.

The orbital railgun strike now looks much more like a super weapon.

New 2v2 map: Meiotic Division

A new faction-specific late-game economy building replaces the broker pod.

The in-game chat will now always replay the last 24 hours.

More streetlamp variants.

Excerpt from the new map, Rain in the Fight.

The full changelog is available on GitHub with some additional standalone installers.

Use the (optional) itch app to stay up to date automatically.

For further information about Open Hard Vacuum, visit the Official Website, ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. Grab the latest version of Open Hard Vacuum by clicking Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Open Hard Vacuum!

Notepad++ v8.6.5 is out!
Apr 04, 2024 - 01:31
Welcome back, commander! Notepad++ has been recently improved with the release of Notepad++ v8.6.5. Notepad++ is a free and open-source code editor and Notepad replacement that runs on Windows. It supports several programming languages, multiple tabs, plugins, and is based on the powerful editing component Scintilla.

The changes from Notepad++ v8.6.5 were announced with the following words:

To address a performance issue of “Replace All” in previous version 8.6.4, Notepad++ no longer triggers SCN_MODIFIED and other Scintilla notifications during the “Replace All” action. Consequently, some plugins that rely on Scintilla’s notifications may malfunction after a “Replace All” operation. To rectify this regression, a new notification called NPPN_GLOBALMODIFIED has been implemented in Notepad++ v8.6.5. Plugin developers should monitor NPPN_GLOBALMODIFIED alongside SCN_MODIFIED, if SCN_MODIFIED is already monitored in the plugin.

And here is the changelog:

  • Fix “Replace All” action not notifying plugins of modification regression by adding NPPN_GLOBALMODIFIED.
  • Fix plugins not receiving some Scintilla notification types regression.
  • Fix Shortcut Mapper potential crash problem.
  • Fix period backup potential crash due to the deadlock.
  • Fix NUL characters file corruption after power outrages.
  • Remedy losing session problem after the power outrages.
  • Fix URLs are not detected after a “Replace All” regression.
  • Notify user while saving failure due to hardware problem.
  • Update to scintilla 5.4.3 (from 5.4.1) & Lexilla 5.3.1.
  • Support template literal (template strings) in JavaScript & make 'back-quoted strings' more readable.
  • Add support for Change History in the text, besides in the margin. Also, make Change History color configurable.
  • Fix NPPM_RELOADFILE API returns wrong result issue.
  • Enhance Shortcut Mapper filter to find the command items more easily.
  • Prevent typing control characters into the document & make it optional.
  • Fix possible no-GUI state when using systray.
  • Make context menu popup location at current text position when invoked via keyboard.
  • Fix Notepad++ blocked when closed, minimized, or from the systray.
  • Fix Mouse Wheel Scrolling in Shortcut Mapper & reduce also the memory use.
  • Fix Python wrong decorator attribute colors & add “ATTRIBUTE” color in styles.xml.model.

You can check more information about Notepad++ by visiting the Official Website, and Forums. Download the latest version of Notepad++ Here. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Notepad++!